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Giving value<br>to the territory
Giving value
to the territory

Local networks and partnerships to activate and develop the process of territorial valorisation by creating and developing collaborations and partnerships. These are the aims of the Salento Territorial Valorisation Plan 2014-2020. The plan will be draft coherently with the guidelines of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Tourism and it will allow to draft the strategic guidelines for the next planning and to direct to the planned intervention the activity of territorial promotion and valorisation.
The municipal and regional administration will have at their disposal a planning document to be used as base of territorial analysis, of check for project planning and development of the valorisation of Lecce and the Salento Pole. It also involves the creation of contents and the territorial study.

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Interventions to realize Eutopia

Salento 2019 Realizzare Eutopia - Credits - UE - POIN - Lecce 2019 - Lecce, Brindisi, Puglia