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Salento 2019 - Realizzare Eutopia

Salento Beauty Storytelling
Salento Beauty

The Salento narrated through places and people: this is the core of Salento Beauty Storytelling.
Its key-words are beauty and diversity, highlighted by international artists who will be working side by side with local talents and local people who will pass on values, characteristics, potentialities and specificities of the places. The project is based on the storytelling, that is to say on the narration of the territory through of its landscape and people, believing that culture represents the best tool to reinforce the capabilities of a territory.

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Interventions to realize Eutopia

Salento 2019 Realizzare Eutopia - Credits - UE - POIN - Lecce 2019 - Lecce, Brindisi, Puglia