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Curiosity Zone & LUAC
Curiosity Zone &

Paying actively attention to the territory plays a key role in the Salento2019 project. A constant work that is fed with project ideas and suggestions coming from the Curiosty Zones and Luac, tools created to develop and increase the dialogue with professionals of the sector but also with the citizens about their relation with the territory, reflecting on its strengths and weaknesses.
The Curiosity Zones include different formats:

Curiosity Zones - Public Spaces
They have been conceived for the public as a chance to ask questions about the process, increasing the curiosity and interest, produce critics, observations, ideas and proposals from the community. They are also developed in the forms of workshops for and with children;

Curiosity Zones - Schools
They have been created to raise awareness and activate project initiatives with students, the citizens of tomorrow, in public schools of any level. The students themselves choose the topics to be discussed, giving contributions and ideas. For this reason the Curiosity Zones Schools involve also associations that, upon invitation, become "tutors" of the students, helping them to develop project ideas within the school.

Curiosity Zones - Laboratori Urbani Aperti Creativi (LUAC)
They are itinerant workshops in which the participants work on hands-on planning of interventions linked to the valorisation of the territory, contributing to increase shared skills, dialogue and trust, spirit of cooperation, curiosity and enthusiasm.

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Interventions to realize Eutopia

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